Tinder dating site is the new way for people to meet online, Tinder mobile dating application available on iOS and Android, for socializing. The application is free and installs quickly and easily. It is based on Geo-localisation, that is to say that the profiles that are available to match people close geographically (from 1 km to 160 km depending on the settings you have defined).

Tinder dating site, how does it work?

To use Tinder, you must have a Facebook account: Registration is only by Facebook Connect. The application will indeed use Facebook to get more information about you: your name, your age, your profile picture, a list of pages that you like and a list of your friends. You can thus not cheat on your age from Tinder (it will then change it on Facebook) or your name. Any photos you add to your profile Tinder come from your Facebook (profile photos, photos you’re tagged, etc.) account.

tinder dating website

Then simply accurate results (male or female, age, distance), and Tinder automatically offers corresponding profiles, location-close to you as the greatest distance you set. For each profile, you can view any friends you have in common, as well as Facebook pages that you both like. Then your turn: a “swipe” to the right if you want the profile, a “swipe” to the left otherwise. If ever the interest is mutual, then you “match”, and you will now be able to get in touch with the person you want.

No risk of taking a rake with Tinder, or being approached by undesirable persons: the person you “likee” is not notified if it is not mutual, and only those where the interest is mutual can discuss with you (you always have the option to block them later)..

Tinder dating website, speed-dating version 3.0

Tinder application is available only on smartphones. Thanks to GPS, Tinder offers user profiles. Up to six photos to decide if the profile you want displayed. Slide your finger to the right if the answer is yes and the conversation starts, finally, if the other also manifests his attraction

This application is extremely easy to use and install. Major advantage: it is completely free, whether you are a man or a woman you always looking for.

After selecting the criteria you want, the app did a search on the profiles that are close to you based on your wishes.

If it is ultimately not difficult to find someone to meet, the conversation is always more difficult to start. For no one is safe from “serial matchers,” these people who say yes to anyone – or everyone – in the hope that eventually someone will start the discussion. Morality, it is not because it’s visually Matches that something will happen.

Renowned as an application that serves mainly to find a one-night stand, Tinder is perhaps not the best solution if you are looking for a serious relationship … Conversely, it is quite effective.

Tinder dating site is also handy if you are abroad and want to find someone to get a drink. In tourist towns, many visitors lack of social interaction, say deeper, which use Tinder to entertain their stay.

Statistically, Tinder has already generated over 2 billion virtual meetings (the matches Tinder language). The service saves more than 850 million of positive or negative responses per day either swipes user generated. Ready to slide your finger?

How to Join Tinder Dating site

You must login with your Facebook account to use Tinder dating site. Unable to use the application otherwise. “We will never publish anything on your wall,” Tinder guarantees, and it is true that the application does not publish anything on your Facebook account (not possible for your contacts know about Facebook that you use Tinder browsing your timeline or due publications in newsfeed).

The placing by Facebook to use Tinder app limits the fake profiles, since the application is based on the information you have provided to Facebook to create your profile: Tinder retrieves your first name, your age, your gender, but also friends list and the list of all the pages you liked on the social network (also sometimes surprises found among his “likes”). Then on each profile, so you can see friends and interests you have in common. The placing by Facebook also allows to make registration easier and faster.

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